Once a Strategic Facility Plan has been established for equipping you company with the right facility to carry out your core business, it is time to execute the plan.

Facility Solutions Process and Program Execution

The process of planning and property occupying the facility varies widely. The best solution for one company at one time may be a lease renewal with certain tenant improvements, while for another company, it may be a relocation and a new lease, or even an entirely new development. Regardless, Boykin Partners has the expertise to guide you through every step of the complex process.

The following is a typical process that will illustrate the progress milestones when Boykin Partners will be an integral part of your facility solution team.

  1. Determine and quantify the facility requirements in detail. We can have an architect draw you ideal facility layout so all competing properties will have an equal opportunity to earn your business.
  2. Establish a timeframe for the viability of the current project to be undertaken.
  3. Understand facility requirements and analyze their impact on the company’s goals.
  4. Evaluate available resources and their associated costs.
  5. Develop tactics, timelines, and budgeting phases to map out the project execution.
  6. Conduct extensive market research surveys.
  7. Identify facility alternatives. Tour, explore and evaluate alternatives.
  8. Submit offers or Request for Proposals.
  9. Receive proposals and perform financial analysis of proposals.
  10. Develop alternatives. Consider Financing alternatives and lending relationships for facility purchases or new developments.
  11. Make final property selection or facility design.
  12. Negotiate and finalize the transaction. Review all documents.
  13. Monitor the design and construction process.
  14. Assist with the relocation planning and process.
  15. Contingencies: At every juncture throughout the process, be prepared with contingency solutions and viable alternatives to keep the project on course in the midst of changes.
  16. Provide ongoing management of the property, its environment, the physical facility and its financial health.
  17. Provide continuing solutions, such as renewal, expansion, reduction or consolidation, and purchase options negotiations. We continually monitor and make you aware of critical dates – i.e. expansion options, renewal options, purchase options, etc.
  18. Our expertise includes consulting for divesting of vacant or unused property, thereby reducing your bottom line real estate facility costs.


Boykin Partners specializes in commercial and industrial property investments which enable the individual investor to participate in real property ownership through any of a variant of financial arrangements.
We review and analyze a multitude of real estate investment opportunities in order to select the very best project with the strongest likelihood to produce the highest return to our investors with the least amount of risk.

Typically, we study investments valued between $500,000 and $5,000,000.
Ownership terms can range from one year to fifteen years. Each investment is owned within a separate entity so that no outside influence can disturb the ownership interest within a particular investment. Acquisition opportunities are carefully screened and analyzed in all respects to ascertain their likelihood of meeting performance objectives. Our analysis of a prospective investment includes not only the financial, but also the physical condition of the property, the uses planned for the building, current and projected market conditions, the climate in the capital markets, and other influences of the property such as municipal, utility, infrastructure and adjacent development.

Working with Boykin Partners, you can choose an investment role that best suits your objective. Most of our investors are non-occupying investor/partners, while others elect to participate as owner/occupant.
The dynamic financial implications are different for each case, and Boykin Partners has the experience and technical knowledge to help determine your best role, given your investment objectives.

Furthermore, our investors can choose from a number of commercial and industrial real estate investment transaction types in which to participate, including the following:

  • Acquisition
  • Sale-leaseback
  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Dispositions
  • Structured financing
  • Synthetic leases
  • Development
  • Credit tenant
  • Leasing
  • Mortgage
  • Build-to-Suit
  • Long-term Investments
  • Consulting

Once acquired, Boykin Partners manages each property prudently, carefully protecting the value of the investor’s asset. Our knowledge and experience for enhancing asset value is supported by our many industry relationships, including architects, general contractors, subcontractors in all trades, service and maintenance companies.

Many of our investor clients have expressed confidence that a vacancy occurs in their property, Mr. Boykin through his experience and successes in leasing, is able to replace the tenant as quickly as possible to mitigate any negative impact on the income stream.

Contact Jeffery Boykin to learn how his consulting company can work for you. He provides targeted plans to improve your commercial real estate holdings.